Friday, October 22, 2010

The Christmas Commission Project

Painting from photo below...
Photo of the South End on Lopez Island

Welcome to this year's 2010 Christmas Commission Project. This is simply how it works: For $200, you will receive an oil painting of the image of your choice. It will be an oil painting on canvas, 8" x 10". Subjects could be anything, a favorite place, a person, an animal, something funny, or grand, your favorite dancing shoes. Whatever it is that you choose, I will paint it for you in time for Christmas! Send or bring in a real photo or a digital file and a check for $200 and I will create your painting. It will be mailed or delivered by December 17th.
Contact me at anniehowelladams at or of course, Funk & Junk Antiques when I return to San Juan Island. Stay tuned to see the Christmas Commission Projects Gallery.

Some examples of past Christmas Commission projects of animals, Mr. Smith and Kiddo. Oil on canvas.