Thursday, December 20, 2007

Portrait of a Beautiful Woman

Today's daily painting was painted directly from life, with a standing model. She was wearing an antique kimono, in reds and corals. This 9" x 12" canvas was from an hour + pose. I hope to continue next week with more visual information. I tried to concentrate on the forms of the face and leave the rest of the painting loosely painted. Hopefully we will have an additional hour with our beautiful model next week.
What would an artist do with another sitting? With more time you can check proportions, add stronger values,make sure edges are how you want them. Edges help to define her character, (soft edges on the form and hard edges for cast shadows.) I need to check the size of the back of her head....I have a tendency to not give the back of the head enough space, so I'll take a look at that, it feels a little short.I will even out the eyes and check the vanishing point between her horizontal eye-line and the horizontal line of her mouth.
There is a point in portrait painting when all the shapes are correct and the whole thing "locks in". I'm not quite there yet. After that you can feel freer about applying more paint and worrying about color shifts, texture, paint strokes, and painting across the form.

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