Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shell Painting, 1

9 x 12" oil on canvas, painted directly from life. I don't know the name of this pretty shell, I like the pink center, reminds me of the Caribbean.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors, Anne. I love the delicate but loose brushwork. It think it's a murex shell (which used to be ground up to make royal blue dye hundreds of years ago).

Annie Howell-Adams said...

Hi, Thanks for the identification. I love the variety of pinks in this shell. I have several of this size canvas, I'm inspired to try a few other shells.
It's interesting learning what artist used to do before going down to the local art supply store. I was just thinking about that this morning, how painting changed so radically in the late 19th C, partly due to lead tubes, and also due to the creation of so many new pigments.