Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 Late Summer Workshops August 22 & 23 and September 12 & 13

2 summer workshop are coming up here on San Juan Island. During the workshop, We will first work with a quick value study. Artists will pick a view they like and create a paint sketch in one color, to understand composition and the value structure, that is the lights and darks. Then we will do a color study, not worrying about shapes or form, just mixing colors. By the time we get to our painting, we will have gathered a lot of information. This will allow painters to concentrate on painting, putting down large bold strokes of color, Artists may simplify their compositions, working towards more abstract shapes. Beginning artists will enjoy this classic process, making it easier to understand visual information and then get it onto the canvas. There will be painting demonstrating both mornings. In the afternoon each artist will be working on their particular view, I will discuss issues that come up with each person at their easel. Each day we are in different and beautiful locations here on San Juan Island. Click here for materials list, Cost per 2 day workshop, $175. Call at 360 378 2638 for questions, or to sign up. Limit 12 people.

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