Sunday, September 13, 2009

September Workshop, Day Two

The September weather was beautiful for our weekend workshop. On day 2, Debra Nolan hosted us, with fantastic views across a small valley, pastoral San Juan Island. We tried a new technique, starting our paintings with black gesso, then glazing with a transparent color. This gave everyone a good "road map", and a lot of layered information. We talked a lot about mixing color. One artist found a nice shady spot and worked at creating a color wheel for himself, he said it was magic to mix color. Everyone participated in a demonstration of mixing greens. We used various blues and various yellows, and even some red to mix our greens. In looking at today's paintings, I see that everyone got a good grasp of mixing a variety of greens. We talked about the Fauves and the idea of brightening up the colors in the landscape. Some artists enjoyed playing with bright colors, and today's results were very exciting.
The first painting started as a very bright, fauve landscape demonstration. It was pretty I thought I'd see if I could make something happen by going back out on location. I used the bright under colors to help liven up the naturally dull colors of the natural palette. The sky was bright yellow at first, some of that flickers through to jazz up the sky. Everything was fine until my box of heavy paint slid over onto the surface of the wet canvas mushing about half of the painting...oh well, back to the easel....

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