Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day Two of Our July Workshop

Mary McCulloch invited us down to paint in her garden on the south end of San Juan Island. We could barely get out of our cars before we all saw dozens of paintings to paint. The second day, everyone felt more comfortable with their materials and able to handle a complex situation by simplifying their viewpoint. We introduced a new technique of laying in the painting initially with black gesso, covering it with transparent glaze, and then working with regular opaque paints. Unfortunately it was a little too cold to for our glazes to dry quickly. We heard a nice talk from Mary about composition and movement in paintings. We introduced the Fauve painters.

The next workshop will be August 12,13,14. The main topic will be color control, understanding color, how to mix it, and how to use color effectively. We will work with our limited palette to mix any color we want. Sign up at Funk & Junk or call 360 378 2638.

Thank you to Marie Di Christina for her great photos of artists holding their fresh paintings.

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