Tuesday, June 17, 2008

San Juan Shoreline

Finally a beautiful day to set up outside. This is a 12" x 16" plein air painting, painted on location along the shoreline of San Juan Island. The oil paint is thickly applied, impasto, with a palette knife. I like the speed of using a knife, you can concentrate on the nuances of color, without the extra step of loading up the brush. It's a good way to get away from bogging down in too many details.
July 19 and 20, I will be teaching a 2 day workshop, painting on location here in the San Juans.
I will be demonstarting in oils, but all mediums welcome.
For Painters:
What do you need for the workshop?

sketchbook and pencil
Easel, french easel or table top. I have a few extra easels, let me know....
Brushes, 1", 1/2" and 1/4 filberts are great, bristle,(bring what you have and we'll look at them)
Palette, I like the stay-wet palette with the bright blue lid and paper palette inside.
Odorless mineral spirits, small bottle.
For medium, I like liquin or galkyd by Gamblin, + the little cups to pour them into.
Rags, old towels cut up are my favorite, paper towels too weak
Atleast,2 medium sized canvases these are all good sizes: 9 x 12,11 x 14,12x 16, 14 x 18, Or, other surfaces good, ask if you have a question about what to paint on....
Gloves, & Apron.
Water bottle, hat, lunch

Paints: Basically a warm and cool of each primary color, + a few extras.
Cad. red light
aliz. crimson
Cad. yellow medium
Cad. orange,
Sap green
Ultramarine blue
earth colors like raw sienna good.

In the nice but not necessary catagory are Quinadrodone magenta, cad yellow light

The cost of the workshop is $175,
Limit the size of the group to 15. Artists of any level may join.
We will be setting up on 2 different locations, one aquatic, the other terrestial.

Please call with any questions, my toll free number is 1 866 374 4272
locally at 378 2638, or email: funkon@rockisland.com
I hope you can join us!!

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